8th Grade Forms and Assignments:

  1. Assignment: Diocese of Lansing 8th Grade Religious Education Assessment: Due Sunday, Oct. 16
  2. Writing Assignment:  What is Confirmation? (1) Due Sunday, Oct. 16
  3. Form: Sponsor Selection Due Sunday, Nov. 20
  4. Writing Assignment:  Saint’s Life Research Paper Due Sunday, Nov. 20
  5. Documentation: Letter of Good Standing Due Sunday, Dec. 18
  6. Writing Assignment: What is Confirmation? (2) Due Sunday, Feb. 26
  7. Form: Choosing a Confirmation Name Due Sunday, Mar. 12
  8. Service: 10 Service Hours Due Sunday, Mar. 12
  9. Writing Assignment: Service Hours Reflections Due Sunday, Mar. 12
  10. Prayers: 8th Grade Prayers-to-Know Memorize before interview
  11. Interviews: March 8th, 9th, & 11th
  12. Retreat: Saturday, February 25
  13. Confirmation: Wednesday May 10 at 7:00pm

7th Grade Forms and Assignments:

  1. Writing Assignment: What is Confirmation?
  2. Writing Assignment: Gifts of the Holy Spirit 

Catechesis of Pope Francis on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit:

Fear of the Lord