Father Hardon Adult Catechism Course



Old St. Patrick Church is proud to host the The Father Hardon Catholic Catechism Course. This will be is an 18-week class meeting in the parish center on Tuesdays from 7:00 to 8:15. Rick & Sue Mangan are Consecrated Marian Catechists and will be facilitators as you dig deeper into the Catholic faith, sharpen you understanding of church teaching and improve your ability to articulate your beliefs.  This course, promoted by Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke, will introduce you to the richness of an intellectual life formed by Catholic teaching.

Study and preparation outside of class is required.  A fee of $60 is required to cover the cost of a manual and work book, but families or couples may share these materials.  Registered parishioners of Old St. Patrick can receive aid for costs – just ask!

This course is designed to benefit adults of all ages, including teens, and is a great opportunity for family members & others considering the claims of the Catholic Church.  Questions can be directed to John Pratt at (734) 662- 8141 ex. 30 or Rick Mangan at 734-646-4620.  Please contact jpratt@stpatricka2.org to register.

For more information about the Marian Catechist Apostolate, visit http://www.mariancatechist.com/
Read more about our teachers Rick and Sue in this article in Faith Magazine.

Fr. Hardon Course